Sunday, May 12, 2013

So We Had A Baby

Wow!  A lot of shit has happened since I ran around that volcano.  Like........We had a friggin baby!  Kirtan Bear is his name and he is a smiley guy!  He is very happy and loves to just watch us and our little dog and his big sister, who is AWESOME, play.  He loves to be held or be put on the floor to make sounds or blow bubbles or roll onto his belly.  Right now he kicks his leg constantly like he can't wait to start running!  He is awesome as well.

It was a scary start to his life, he wasn't breathing and he was blue.  So the stress level was high.  He pulled through with the help of some great midwives and great care at Seattle Children's Hospital.  After 4 days in the NICU and 9 more in the hospital we were able to take him home. 

Now that everyone is settling into our new lives we are starting to figure out what our new normal is.  Because it isn't what it used to be.  Two kids is not twice the work as having just one, it's like 4 times the work.  You forget how hard it is in the beginning.  Plus the 5 year old is really pissed off most of the time.  Can't blame her though, she spent over 5 years training us to cater to her every need and now has to share our attention, especially mom's since she's nursing, with this little thing  that can't play, talk or move.  Boring!  All she sees is this crying, crapping, nipple sucking thing soaking up all her hard earned attention.

Luckily for us, Willow is one amazing, loving being and would do everything she could for her little brother.  He's a lucky guy to have her as a sister.  She is coming around to accept him more and more and I don't think she could live without him.  All three of us are in agreement on that.

I've taken three months off, well, I did run about three times.  Every time I did though I would be exhausted for the rest of the day.  I needed to rest more than trying to fit in a run three times a week.  It's truly amazing how adaptive your body is.  I mean look at running ultras, you put your body through more than you can imagine and can't wait to do it again.  Before we had kids my wife and I were rarely up before 9.  The only exceptions for me were if it was a powder day or if I was going surfing.  Since I've never had a "real" job, there's never been a reason to be up early.  Now I can't sleep past 7, and that's on a good day!  It's usually 6:30.  We do have a jogging stroller and I am now running about three times a week.  A couple of those with Kir.  If he's sleepy he'll sleep right through my run, if he's not, I'm better off waiting.  SCREAM!

Kids will beat your body up from all the carrying at awkward angles you have to do to make sure they go to sleep and stay asleep.  They will fight with you to find your limits (and they will find your limits), and all that stress will make you finally feel your age.  My wife says she found some gray hairs on the back of my head!  Those weren't there six years ago.  It's all their fault!  It's all their fault that I can't wait to see them in the morning.  It's all their fault that I love Halloween again.  It's all their fault that I never thought I could just sit and watch kids play at a playground and not be bored out of my mind!  It's all their fault that they have to eat vegetables because I want them to be as healthy as possible.  It's all their fault that I dance.  It's all their fault that I will make silly faces and baby sounds.  It's all their fault that I wouldn't change my life for anything.

Now it's time to go get some miles in so I don't lose my mind!  I think everybody around me will benefit from a more level headed Drew.  Or at least put up with me a little while longer.